Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jesus is my Healer

YES!!! I have had a turn around!!! A couple days ago my homeopath sent me a new remedy to try and it worked! I was feeling so sick and tired a couple days ago. My stomach was aching terribly and I woke up just crabby. I went with my family to another town to go house hunting being we are moving and I know that took a toll on my colon. All of the moving around, walking, getting in and out of the vehicle disturbed my colon and made it bleed more. The next day I just sat and sat and sat while drinking cup after cup of stock. I took the remedy prescribed to me and in the evening the blood lessened and continued to lessen so quickly! By the time I went to bed my colon had almost completely quit bleeding!!!!
The next day I did go back out to look at a couple houses with my family which caused a bit more blood, but still so much less.
Today, I can happily say I have more energy, my "wanting to eat" level is going back up, the blood is quitting, I have been sleeping through the night, and I'm in the bathroom only when I get up in the morning and right before bed. Oh I feel good!!
I started eating a couple VERY soft carrots yesterday and they settled just fine, so I tried some more today and I believe I will now be progressing steadily. I hope I can introduce a couple more veggies soon as well as some chicken. :D
I'm so excited to be able to be eating again. It makes me happy!!!!

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and for teaching me to be stronger in You!


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  1. Wonderful Lord, Glorious Savior...sooo thankful that you're doing better. Thanks for sharing your progress and giving God the Glory, Elise!