Monday, July 29, 2013

A New Chapter

   Since I last wrote, God had continued to do such a great healing within my body. I am loving life again and am feeling so free. I began to have an itch to travel. Wanderlust took over...
   My two sisters both live in the same state, the same city, and the same house!! And being our relationship is so tight, the desire to be with them again began to grow and grow and grow inside of me. I figured, "Maybe next January I could make my way down and live with them. By that time my colon should be more healed and moving wouldn't be so 'risky'." I began to pray and think more about it. A month quickly passed and I felt the Lord direct me to move now. I panicked, "What? I can't go NOW!! That's too soon!!" But He reassured me that it was time and that He would protect and provide for me. The time was ripe. He took my fear and replaced it with strength and excitement.
   As enthusiastic as I was about moving, I was deeply saddened as well. I was leaving everything that I best friend, my family, my home, my church, my job, etc. But I held on to two things: 1. the promise that the Lord was going to go deeper with me. And 2. the reassurance that He would continue to love on those I left behind. He has been so faithful to His word.

   I have been in my new home for three weeks now. It has been fantastic! The Lord has been so sweet in how He loves. He is drawing out past hurts that I have held on to and has been taking them and healing them. Freeing me of burdens I was never meant to carry. He knows that healing me of the "stuff" I have buried inside me, also heals me of UC. It is a beautiful process of refining.

   One of my joys has been singing and worshipping with my sisters again. It delights my heart to play music with them and see how far each of us has come over the years in our gifting. The three part harmonies will never get old to me. :)

   I suppose you're wondering how my health has been? Well, I am pleased to tell you that I am still doing superb! I am continuing to take my daily supplements as well as sticking with a pretty strict diet. Though, the Lord has been guiding me on what foods to reintroduce into my diet and when to reintroduce them. It is going to be a slow and careful process, but He knows what my body can handle much more than I do, so I put my trust in Him.
   Food wise, it had been a challenge finding recipes that don't flop, food that satisfies, and that is nutritious and healing for my colon as well. But I can say I think I've gotten pretty good at it over the months. Thus, the Lord decided to hand me a job right in that sphere. A friend from my church has to be on a similar diet as mine and is too busy to cook, so she asked me to cook for her! A job I was glad to accept. It is a joy for me to help someone else who is in a similar boat as I am, with food. So my search for new recipes has begun!

   Praise the Lord for His goodness. I am happy, healthy, and learning so much! I am excited to continue my journey here with my sisters in a new state.
   Thank you all for your endless prayers. They have played such a huge part in my recovery. Bless you all!!

Psalm 104



  1. Dear sweet Elise, I’m so happy to read that the three harmonies are once again together and happy. It has been so long since I’ve talked with you three. It warms my heart to know that you’re doing better and God is sending you places and giving you new opportunities! I’m sending kisses and hugs to all of you from Minnesota :) With love, Emily Steinle

  2. Love to you and sisters!! So glad to read of your continued progress and healing. I've been praying for you when the Lord brings you to to see you on fb and pinterest! Take Care hugs to sisters too. 1Girlsbeautifulmess

  3. Love this!!! So happy to hear all that God is doing! You are amazing and I love you <3 Chelsea

  4. Hello Elise. So good to know you through your profile on the blogger. I am also glad to stop by your blog "Elise" (Life and Food). and the post on it of dated july 2013 "A New Chapter". What an encouraging story of God's healing touch to you. I am also glad to know your love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Well Elise I want to share with you an opportunity to go on a missions trip to Mumbai, India to work with us on a short / long term in the slums of Mumbai amongst poorest of poor sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to give them new hope and purpose. Well I am in the Pastoral ministry for last 34yrs in the great city of Mumbai a city great contrast where richest of rich and the poorest of poor live. We reachout to the poorest of poor with the love of Christ to bring healing to the broken hearted. We also encourage young people as well as adults from the west to come to Mumbai on a short / long term missions trip to work with us drung their summer vacation time. We would love to have you come with your friends to work with us during your summmer vacation. My email id is : dhwankhede(at)gmail(dot)com and my name is Diwakar Wankhede. Looking forward to hear from you very soon. Wish you a very blessed Christmas and a Christ centered New year.